Important Bugfixes

Update from Version 0.553/0.554 to  0.555

  •  fixed a bug in campaign map which prevented players to play the last level of the campaign
  • doubled the character reveal speed in dialogues

If you downloaded 0.554, please update to 555, as you will not be able to play the campaign at all, due to a major glitch. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Heart Of Muriet PreAlpha Version 580 MB
Version 2 Jun 18, 2020

Get Heart of Muriet (Demo)


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I just played the two tutorial levels and it's really awesome what you are doing here! Keep going! :)

I hope my game will become as good as yours :D

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Thank you so much for playing!  What game are you working on atm?


No problem! :) I'm working on an RTS game called Necrosynthesia :D It's still very early in development, though. If you are interested, it's here:


Looks great! Making RTS games is a lot of work. What engine do you use?


Thanks! :) Yes it definitely is! I use Unity as the engine for the game and so far I'm pretty happy with the decision. :D