Version 0.602 - feedback and bug reporting tool

Hey all!

We have another small update. This time we added a draggable feedback and bug reporting window to the demo.

As soon as you have sent a report in, it will pop up on our Trello board. It will automatically attach a screenshot of the current scene if you choose to.

Crashes are now also automatically reported to Trello. Besides some hardware info, this report is always anonymized. We do not include steam user names or any other personal information.

We have also removed the map "The Tree of Whitegarde" from the demo, as we think it was not polished enough yet. If you have already unlocked it, it will still be available to you.

Additionally 2 crash bugs have been fixed. One which happened when opening the settings menu (rarely), the other when playing "The Sanctuary Islet", the UI would try to research a locked research after a certain playtime.

That's it for today,
The HoM dev team.


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Version 0.602.itch Nov 18, 2020

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