Version 0.567 - New character portraits, defence building and a ton of bugfixes!

Hey everyone!๐Ÿ‘‹

First of all we wanted thank all our great supporters on discord. They are so bloody wonderful and patient it's  incredible.  The bug reports helped us so much to get this version ready in a decent amount of time.

This update is all about improving the core game and the look and feel. We have put a lot of time in making the game more polished, stable and good looking. We can't wait to hear what you think about all the improvements.  Let's dive into all the good stuff we have to offer this time ๐Ÿ™€.

  • All dummy portraits have been replaced with gorgeous art work. We have also tested animated characters. Currently the portraits in the game are static, but we will eventually animate all of them. You can find a great dev log on how we created those characters here.

  • A new versatile defence tower found the way into the game. Its cheap, fast to build, but still powerful enough to prevent early harassments by the AI. It has less upgrades than the big archer tower and should be probably replaced mid game.

  • We have finally a pause menu in the game and also the settings are available from there. Though settings are still very limited.

  • Bigger fights where not behaving correctly most of  the time due to pathfinding issue, this has been significantly improved.   As you can see in the below gif (which is sped up significantly) the blue melee units get a decent surround of the enemy army, which did not happen in previous fights. The problem we had is a little more complex and it had to do with Unity's current subpar pathfinding code.  It would probably be worth to make a whole devlog on only this issue, as it is actually quite  an interesting problem.

  • Ranged attack units got also an overhaul. They could actually shoot while moving and also while turning. Their positioning around targets has improved due to the fixed pathfinding issue as well.

  • We have added a new Player Seneer Wizard with a few more animations. Check out the animations ingame. The wizard now matches the portrait of Necelion, one of the two selectable heroes at the start of the game.

  • We have added a candle light to the campaign map, it is a small change, but it improves the look and feel significantly. Sometimes the small changes can be so much fun! :D

  • Improved and fixed the building explosions. Most of them looked awkward as some colliders where not removed before the explosion would happen, which caused all sort of problems before.

  • Some  buildings got cheaper as well as some spells and research options
  • Gold and Mana-miner got nerved quite a bit, they improve mining of workers by 50% not by 100% any more.

  • Fixed a crash bug when unlocking map in campaign mode (reported by Discord users Angel Rubio, Knife, Aakash, Quentin Drake and ssd21345)
  • Story/Tutorial dialogue has grown in size, better readable and shows of the pretty pretty portraits.
  • The AI has added the new defence tower to their build orders.
  • The whole system of pausing and speeding up the game has been reworked and is now much more consistent.
  •  Fixed a bug for all area buff/heal spells which would not be applied to units/squads sometimes.
  • Fixed the mini-map sometimes not responding correctly after playing several levels.
  •  Fixed casting spells and using the mini-map at the same time did not work correctly.
  • Fixed a possible crash bug in spell (reported by our Discord Supporter Angle Rubio).
  • Fixed a random crash bug when sending units (reported by our Discord Supporter Angle Rubio).
  • Fixed an issue with not cancelling research when the building has collapsed already.
  • Fixed a bunch of update problems with all UIs associated with buildings (research, build, worker assignment, build queues).
  • Fixed a crash for ranged attack units which tried to still access enemies which where already destroyed.
  • Fixed bug in Squad UI, as upgrades where shown incorrectly most of the time when triggered with CTRL-Key.
  • Fixed a crash bug, where the wizard had sometimes the wrong owner set (Reported by Discord Supporter Angel Rubio).

  • Fixed material for campaign map; now using the correct cut out transparency material.
  • Fixed colours for campaign map UI, which did not fit the rest of the UI.
  • Tower UI icon and progress bar a little lower to prevent hiding the wizard.
  • Fixed a bug in building research UI which caused the UI to show up, even though the building was not selected.
  • Send unit indicator decal was sometimes shown on the selected base.
  • Fixed crash bug and not working assignment of guard types in guard house.
  • Fixed a bug in spatial grid which led to wrong targeting for the wizard and range unit AIs.
  • Improved the look of particle fires in campaign menu scene.
  • Fixed an rare input glitch with the mini-map ( Reported by Discord Supporter Angel Rubio)
  • Fixed a camera rotation issue, having set the wrong pivot (Reported by Discord Supporter Angel Rubio).
  • fixed missing selection button on game pause in the game speed UI 
  • game speed UI now represents the current game speed also when the game is paused by Space/Alt-tab or Escape.
  • Space pauses the game but does not show the pause menu.
  • Reworked how buildings are added to the game, which speeds up the process significantly.

Also expect more content to come with the next few updates, as we are getting a more stable game we can focus more and more to add content to the game.


Thanks so much for playing! 


Heart Of Muriet PreAlpha Version 580 MB
Version 0.567 Jul 10, 2020

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Great changes, looking forward to play this version!


thank you and GLHF!


Wow, what a long list Oo
Simply great the changes, am speechless.
good job !!!


thank you Johny 

and please find your voice again ;)