Little features, balancing and bugfixes

Hello Everyone!

Version 0.560 is out and has a lot of smaller improvements, bug fixes and important balancing changes. The last few days we were focussing on getting the game more stable and improving the experience for all our players. Thanks for you patience.

 Flee option for formations which are currently in battle.

  • A formation in combat mode can flee.
  • The formation flees to the next owned node or next node when no node is owned.
  • A fleeing formation cannot be controlled until it completed the fleeing command.
  • A fleeing formation does not attack or defend itself until it completed the fleeing command.
  • A fleeing formation uses a flee speed modifier which is a little faster than their normal speed.

Unlock all Campaign maps:

  • For seasoned players that feel the tutorial is too lengthy, we have added an unlock button on the campaign screen.
  • Please be aware that this is not your standard RTS controls, it is advised to play the "Jivalon" map to learn about them.
  • You will also miss lore/story dialogue when skipping the first maps.

  • Added archer tower to player side on "The Duel" map.
  • Reduced the cost and needed time amount for all building upgrades.
  • Reduced the cost of many research options (only temporary until we build a better system).
  • All speed upgrades reduced from 50% to 30%.
  • Reduced the cost of some research and high level recruiting buildings.
  • Reduced burn time for trees and significantly reduced fire spreading chance.

  • Fixed an issue where a squads enemy detection did not work correctly and did find.
    buildings too far away. This led to a "dancing" behaviour, units where going back and forth without attacking the actual targets.
  • Improved the behaviour of encountering formations outside bases.
  • Squads in a formations were sometimes not detecting if it was attacked by a ranged unit/building when outside a base.
  • Fixed area heal, which would also heal enemies.
  • Fixed tower wall collider -> ranged units would not attack towers with walls any more.
  • Fixed a whole bunch of possible crash bugs.
  • All nodes now have always maximum radius  until we have a better design in place to increase/decrease size.
  • Fixed a possible crash-bug when giving a command to a formation (reported by discord user 13rice 💪).
  • Fixed a bug in research tooltip for Range upgrade of archers (reported by discord user 13rice 💪).
  • Fixed a possible crash-bug when a building got destroyed (reported by discord user Elias 💪).
  • Fixed a crash-bug when moving building slots around.
  • Fixed a bug in player input standard -> bases were sometimes not correctly deselected when selecting a formation.
  • Fixed an issues with fog of war, squads would sometimes not show the correct area due to a wrong height set.
  • Formation are now dissolved, when all members of the formation reached the base.
  • Fixed worker manager -> workers are now keep harvesting resources when they have nothing to do.
  • Fixed a crash-bug when the game was started and did not get focus when the main menu was loaded up.

  • Improved look of text tooltip.
  • Removed "+" sign from tooltip in research as this could be understood wrong.
  • Fixed a bug on how formation were deselected.
  • Fixed laboratory smoke stacks and flag position.
  • Fixed a problem de-spawning plant upgrades on a wizard tower.
  • Reworked the look of the game speed UI.
  • Improvements on how waiting positions (for units which cannot find a target to attack) are generated.
  • Workers sometimes still carried resources after fleeing into tents and then start mining/repairing/building with the wrong animation.
  • Fixed: when pressing F1 to switch off UI and then pressing [Escape] the game got locked and UI could not be switched on any more.
  • Fixed wrong effect settings for repair effect for buildings.
  • Fixed base UI-> sometimes showing wrong resource info/slider.
  • Fixed text for assign worker UI.
  • Fixed mini map UI. It was showing wrong sprites, when resetting maps in Editor.
  • Fixed some spelling errors in "Gate of Oakenborn" map description.
  • Fixed bug in tent mover -> after moving a tent the collider got smaller every time.
  • Story text in "The Duel" and "Gate of Oakenborn" are now shown only once.
  • Fixed spelling mistake of worker description.


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Version 5 Jun 24, 2020

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Many thanks for the update :) I'm eagerly waiting for the update with the new character pictures :D  

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Thanks. Yes, the next update is already around the corner :D. We keep you posted!


Thanks a lot =)